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it ends with us

It Ends with Us - Colleen Hoover

EVERY BODY should read this book starting with 10 year old girls and boys to 80 year old grandparents. This is an eye opening and life changing story that most people but specially women and girls can relate to. What makes the book and its message even more powerful and touching is that the author wrote a part of her life and her mother’s in this book and I find it really brave to share a personal life experience with your readers. And I consider this book a wake up call for some women and warning for others. I love the book from start to finish I couldn't put it down it took me five hours to finish it and of course I was a mess by the end. It was full of unexpected events and as I always it broke my heart. I wanted a happy ending so badly and now that I am thinking about it , it was a happy ending , it was the best happy ending even but I just did not expect it . Anyway I am in love with the story.